Tri-State Energy Efficient Corp., part of the Con Edison Green Team, would like to offer you with a free survey to evaluate your current lighting equipment and install free in-unit LEDs in residential buildings. The buildings are also eligible for rebates on common area lighting fixtures. 

The benefits for upgrading to LEDs will reduce the maintenance costs and improve your lighting for security and safety. 

We are committed to providing the most advanced LED lighting technology to enable our customers the benefits of high-performance, UL/DLC certified outdoor and indoor lighting solutions.

We’ll handle the installation of your modified recommendations and Con Edison will pay a large portion of the costs. 

This program helps qualified multifamily buildings reduce their energy usage by providing incentives for the installation of cost- effective energy efficiency improvements.

Con Edison is offering these incentives to save building owners and residents money and to reduce the demand for energy. By reducing the demand for energy, we are lowering pollution and reducing the need to build additional power plants. Using less energy will help lower your costs and protect our environment.

Con Edison MFEEP 2016 Award Winner

Con Edison MFEEP 2016 Award Winner